Monday, January 16, 2012

Still walking!!

Even though I haven't blogged in a while, I have kept up with my commitment to walk outside everyday.  In the rain, after dark, under gorgeous sunny skies and at the park. 

I'm also a poet!

I got some nice photos on yesterday's walk at Rockburn Park.  It is one of my favorite places, even though it brings back so many memories of Wilber and the kids' soccer games.  The paths wind through all sorts of woods and streams. 

During all our years of walking there, we got to watch this old cabin go through all the stages of being restored.  One morning we were amazed to find out it had been set on fire by vandals the night before.  Amazingly, the restorers were able to keep working on it anyway.

A quick peek through the window revealed that it is now it is used to store the park's recycling bins.  Not exactly the historically accurate contents I was expecting.  Still, I'm very grateful that this old building is still standing, in spite of all that it has been through.

If you look very very closely, you can tell that those are big blue recycling bins.

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