Friday, January 6, 2012

The next craze in chips is...

Now that I have established a lifelong habit of walking (it only takes 10 days to make a habit, right?!), I ventured back to my organic market to find some new healthy food.  Might as well eat better too.  Today's surprising new product is .....

They are rather tasty! 

Tomorrow I'll dip a few in some hummus for a really, really odd snack.  Most of what I eat now, I'd never even heard of a few years ago.   I also got my first Wendy's free mini Frosty today, so I haven't gone totally Euell Gibbons...yet.

Next on the list is some oddly-named tea the herb guy recommends.  :)


  1. i had some falafel chips the other day from trader joes, they were good, there weren't very many in the bag and they were VERY hard. I like the idea that I could read and pronounce every ingredient on the label though!

  2. Yes, very important to be eating Food, not tasty chemicals.

    Just found this website this week and it has LOTS of great recipes:

    1. (why doesn't it show up as a link?)

  3. i agree, but sometimes those chemicals taste so good haha. that new recipe you just added looks great!