Saturday, December 31, 2011

The First Small Glitch

And now I see why taking a walk every day is going to be so challenging:

It's only the second day of my Warming Up phase, and I wore myself out yesterday and woke up with a headache today.   Headaches are good reasons not to go for walks, right? 

Not anymore!

My typical pattern goes like this:  Make a commitment to do something positive and healthy for myself while I am feeling quite good.  Wake up one morning not feeling quite so peppy.  Lose track of the motivation to stick to the commitment.  And eventually decide that wasn't a very good idea in the first place, so why bother?

I am going to foil that process this time, though!  Because I am blogging about it!  My followers would be disappointed!

It is easier to get out there and walk today, even with a headache, because I've made this commitment openly.  Left to myself, I'll always find a perfectly logical reason to "forget" and stay in my familiar comfort zone.

Feel free to leave comments, followers!  (encouraging words, tips, questions...)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wilber's Legacy even more auspicious milestone than Y2K. That was merely a possible computer mess-up; this is going to be REAL!

Well, maybe not. Who knows? Only time will tell.

No matter what happens when the next December 21st rolls around, 2012 portends more than the usual amount of transitions. My lease runs out in July and I'm moving to somewhere, as yet undetermined, hopefully right before the casino next door opens. I'll get my Master's degree in June and even start a new career. Or at least decide what my career will be. And my children will be traveling and living all over the world this year too.

As a way of grounding myself in all this upheaval, it occurred to me to make a commitment to walk, outside, every day. Challenging, yet do-able. I walked every day for years when I owned Wilber, the overly-energetic weimaraner. He knew how beneficial fresh air and movement are for bodies and emotional balance. He'd have me out at that park every day, unless I wanted to deal with the mess he'd manage to release from the trashcan.

Maybe it is Wilber's exuberant spirit urging me back out there. Whatever the source, part of me is feeling compelled to make walking the One Thing that I make sure I do for myself every day from now on.

That other part of me, the one that likes sitting around and playing video games, is just going to have to adapt.

What is the healthy change I am committing to?

Walking in 2012! I am going to do it every day and record my progress here.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

First Post!

Starting a blog! Not sure what to write yet! Just glad to have a name and URL!

Stay tuned.....